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The Recruitment Industry Counter-Fraud Forum, known as Safer Jobs, (Safe Advice for Employment and Recruitment) is a non-profit making, industry wide, forum created to raise awareness about and combating criminal activities that may be attempted on those within the industry or through the services provided by the industry.

Five Bernie Madoff employees found guilty of fraud

Six-month trial finds staff had part to play in massive fraud that saw clients lose over $20bn

The Telegraph

Be Found to Be Hired: The 20 Best Keywords for Your Job Search - Huffington Post

Be Found to Be Hired: The 20 Best Keywords for Your Job Search. Huffington Post. The keywords most relevant to your job search are the words and phrases a recruiter would use to describe your next job (and, sometimes, your current and past jobs, too). Developing Your .... Scam/exaggeration mode is a...

Safer Jobs

UM students receive 'mystery shopping' scam email - Ravalli Republic

UM students receive 'mystery shopping' scam email. Ravalli Republic. If the business will not provide references, walk away from the job. Search online for the business name and the word “scam” to see if anything comes up. • Avoid “get-rich-quick” offers. Be cautious of jobs that provide a large...

Safer Jobs

Google buys high-altitude drone firm

Internet giant Google has bought high-altitude drone firm Titan Aerospace for an undisclosed sum.

BBC News

Capitalist logic has skewered the Co-op

It is being asked to assimilate to the “professional” form of business organisation prevailing among the banks whose blind greed nearly blew the world economy up five years ago, and whose employees have been caught committing multiple scams.


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Top Tips for Candidates working with Recruitment Agencies

When choosing a recruitment agency to find you either temporary or permanent employment there are a number of things to consider. Will the agency work hard to find a position that suits your skills and listen to your requirements and not bog you down with offers that aren’t relevant to you? But also are they trustworthy, will they keep your personal details safe and are they offering you jobs that are actually available?

Safer Jobs

Who Are You Dealing With

It's not uncommon for people to create a persona rather than being truthful about who they really are when online and that includes scammers. So be very careful when communicating with people you've only met online. Most job sites try to screen those that sign up with them but it's never going to be 100%.

Safer Jobs

Do you need your CV rewritten?

The biggest problem has been bogus job advertisements posted on a job board which will attract many applications from candidates. The candidates who have forwarded their CVs are then approached by the bogus advertiser who explains to them that they have a very good background which is most suitable for the advertised role.

Safer Jobs

Creating an internet safe CV

Always ensure you know who will be processing the information contained in your C.V. Your C.V. contains a great deal of personal information about you. In the hands of the fraudster this can lead to identity theft.

Safer Jobs



CIFAS is a not-for-profit organisation, concerned solely with the prevention of fraud and funded by subscription. CIFAS Members are drawn primarily from the UK financial services industry, but also from telecommunications, insurance and other business sectors and from the public sector.

Safer Jobs

Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate bans job con pair

Two men who generated £200k in a scam that saw jobseekers pay to apply for non-existent jobs have been banned from any involvement in running an employment agency for seven years.

Safer Jobs

EAS Bans two men for online job scam

Two men who generated £200k in a scam that saw jobseekers pay to apply for non-existent jobs have been banned from any involvement in running an employment agency for seven years. The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EAS) brought legal proceedings against the Newcastle-based pair Ronald Clark and Ian Johnson. They placed advertisements for posts that did not exist across national press, the internet and Jobcentres, tricking applicants into ringing expensive premium rate numbers, and charging them £25 for a ‘careers pack’ and administration fees.

Safer Jobs

Department for Transport recruitment scam

Job seekers are being warned of fraudsters offering fake jobs at the Department for Transport (DfT). Members of the public have been contacted by an organisation called Broadview Security Limited offering an interview for a fictitious ‘security officer’ post in London

Safer Jobs

fish4jobs Guardian Jobs Monster Total Jobs

UK inflation fall announced

The UK inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) fell to 1.6% in March from 1.7% in February, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

BBC News

Don’t get caught by Blue Badge scams

Don’t get caught out by websites charging fees go direct to your local authority or GOV.UK to apply for free, and if you know anyone who needs a Blue Badge please warn them about this scam.” You can find out if you are eligible and apply for a Blue ...


BBB warns of scam targeting job seekers - KLTV

BBB warns of scam targeting job seekers. KLTV. TYLER, TX – The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a new twist to the old fake check scam - this time preying on individuals searching for employment. In a job market which is extremely competitive, more individuals are becoming .......

Safer Jobs

Fraudsters in fake uniforms target clients of Britain's oldest bank

C Hoare & Co has alerted customers to the ploy and urged them to tighten security as it strengthens its own defences

The Telegraph

Heartbleed hackers hit Mumsnet

A leading UK site for parents and the Canadian tax authority have both announced they have had data stolen by hackers exploiting the Heartbleed bug.

BBC News

Who is Stonegate's great train robber? Sleepy Sussex villagers baffled over £43,000 fare dodger in their midst

But his scam was finally exposed by a ticket inspector and, in an out-of-court settlement, he paid Southeastern trains back the £42,550 in dodged fares and £450 legal cost within three days. The cost of a standard-class single fare from Stonegate - where ...


3 Ways To Avoid Job Search Scams - Business 2 Community

3 Ways To Avoid Job Search Scams. Business 2 Community. Liz is a (hypothetical) long-term job seeker. One day, she comes across an email from a man claiming to be a recruiter for one of the biggest companies in her industry. He explains he saw her LinkedIn profile and thinks her qualifications would...

Safer Jobs