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CV Writing Scams

On the face it using a CV writing service is a worthwhile option for the many thousands of candidates who need help presenting their career profile, however since the advent of the internet the on line recruitment industry has been exposed to some dubious, if not illegal activities relating to this type of offering.

The biggest problem has been bogus job advertisements posted on a job board which will attract many applications from unsuspecting candidates. The candidates who have forwarded their CVs are then approached by the advertiser who explains to them that they have a very good background which is most suitable for the advertised role. They are then informed that they would stand more chance in being asked to attend an interview if their CV was professionally written. The candidate would then be recommended a CV writing service by the advertiser from a specific company (normally owned by the advertiser).

The candidate at this stage has a dilemma, do they let their CV go forward without any changes and risk the chance of not being selected for an interview? or do they use a CV writing service and increase their chances of an interview? Normally the unsuspecting candidate has no reason not to believe the bogus recruiter and therefore makes the decision to contact the CV writing company.

At this point it is important to mention that there are many reputable CV writing services in the recruitment industry but in this case study the bogus advertiser will be recommending a company which they own. The candidate then contacts the recommended CV writing service and is informed that the cost to rewrite their CV will be hundreds of pounds.

In reality what actually happens is the CV writing service is pretending to be the advertiser of the job and the object of the exercise is too trick the candidate into purchasing the CV writing service. The candidate is then informed several weeks later that the employer has decided to employ within and the candidate is left with a well written CV and a hefty invoice. In most cases the CV will be re-written professionally, so this makes the process difficult to reveal whether there has been any fraudulent activity.

Our research has shown that when approaching the suspicious practice of the CV writing company, they will naturally deny all knowledge of the bogus company and claim that they have performed a service which the candidate requested. The bogus recruiter will normally leave his website up for a month and then take it down and put up another website for a month and so on and so forth.

In most cases you can normally suspect a recruiter which is phishing for candidates by reviewing their website, because this will not normally display a real office address and landline telephone number.

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