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Who Are You Dealing With

It's not uncommon for people to create a persona rather than being truthful about who they really are when online and that includes scammers. So be very careful when communicating with people you've only met online. Most job sites try to screen those that sign up with them but it's never going to be 100%.

As a minimum when dealing with companies that approach you with potential job opportunities you should attempted the following basic actions.

Corprate Companies

· Check out website.
· Check out recruiting company by using Google.
· Speak to careers dept of the company in question.

NOTE …….there should be limited fraud activities relating to recruitment in this space. However in a non recruitment world do not give away your personal details to supposed Banks and Financial institutions (or indeed to anyone) on the pretence of updating your account.


· Check out their website.
· Is the contact only through an email address or mobile number ?
· Check out that there is a land line telephone.
· Check out that the company is listed in relevant trade journals.
· Try to find other candidates that have used the recruiter in question.
· Ideally go and see the offices.
· Is the company a member of REC.
· Do not take up offered services when you originally applied for an advertised position.

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