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Know Your Rights

Information for temporary workers - BEING SUPPLIED BY RECRUITMENT AGENCIES

You are a temporary agency worker if you have a contract with the agency but you work temporarily for a hirer.

You are entitled to written terms and conditions of employment/engagement before you start.

You should not have to pay to be found work.

You can report any concerns at SAFERjobs ( who work with the industry regulator, trade associations, and law enforcement.

You could be asked to pay fees for additional services - such as CV writing, transport, accommodation, DBS checks and uniforms. This is allowable, however:

In such cases, you should receive in writing details of the fees to be charged, to whom they are payable and details of your right to cancel without penalty or detriment.

You do not have to use these services for the agency to find you work. You can supply your own CV, for example.

You have the right to be paid for all the work you have carried out regardless of whether the agency is paid by the hirer or not.

You are entitled to the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage and protection from unlawful deductions from wages

You are entitled to statutory sick pay, statutory maternity/paternity pay, shared parental and adoption pay

You are entitled to statutory holiday entitlement - 5.6 weeks paid holiday a year

You cannot be restricted from working elsewhere.

For further information please follow this link:

Information for job seekers

Your data should be handled correctly and in line with Data Protection principles at all times. You must be asked to consent to your data being used Jobs you apply for should be genuine and should have the relevant details within the advert, if not you should raise this with the job board you have applied through or to SAFERjobs If you have a concern about how your data has been handled, the legitimacy of the job advert, or you have encountered potential criminal activity through your job search you can report to SAFERjobs